is an email automation tool changing the way businesses interact with their customers. allows you to send emails to people based on product engagement criteria with targeted and dynamic segments.

Track the success of your email campaigns by unifying Woopra's customer profiles and's behavioral email automation.

The Integration empowers you to:

  • Track all email activities powered by within a single Woopra customer profile.
  • Add new users and events in’s filters with the help of Woopra’s automated triggers.
  • Synchronize audiences between and Woopra to tailor your content to a specific audience based on their engagement with your product.

You can build a funnel report to monitor, for example, how many customers who receive an email actually open it and how long on average it takes them to do so. You might also set up a trigger to send specific custom events from within Woopra to, to enrich your segmentation and improve personalized messaging.

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