Delighted is the easiest way to measure customer happiness using Net Promoter Scores.

Maintain a pulse on customer health, known which activities impact NPS and automate surveys based on user behavior

Installing the Delighted integration will bring your Delighted survey responses directly into the Woopra platform. This will allow you to:

  • Track Delighted submissions as actions on the profile of users who respond, allowing you to instantly see responses, survey results and any comments or feedback provided.

  • Understand and measure how NPS impacts customer retention, repeat purchases, support inquiries and product engagement. You can include NPS in your Customer Journeys and analytics reporting to measure the impact over time

  • Create segments of users who have provided a low NPS score and trigger personalized email campaigns to re-engage unhappy customers.

  • Filter responses based on the customer properties that you’re tracking. For example, you can sort responses by a specific country, payment plan, or referrer source to understand if your enterprise customers are happier than small business, and so on.

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