Delighted is the easiest way to measure customer happiness using Net Promoter Scores.

Get a Pulse on Customer Health with NPS Data from Delighted in Woopra

Installing the Delighted integration will bring your Delighted survey responses directly into the Woopra platform. The Woopra + Delighted Integration empowers you to:

  • Track the submissions as actions on the profile of a user who responded, allowing you to instantly see responses, survey results and any comments or feedback provided.
  • Understand and measure how NPS impacts a customer’s retention, repeat purchase, support inquiries and product engagement. You can include NPS on your funnels and reporting to measure impact over time and trigger personalized messaging to re-engage unhappy customers.
  • Filter responses based on the customer properties that you’re tracking. For example, you can sort responses by a specific country, payment plan, or referrer source to understand if your enterprise customers are happier than small business, and so on.

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