Drift is a customer live chat service that is helping to reinvent modern marketing and sales, using messaging.

Measure the impact chat messages on every touchpoint in the customer experience. Personalize and target messaging in real-time with Woopra's unified behavioral data.

With this integration, Woopra users can analyze essential Drift engagement data, without ever leaving the Woopra platform. You can also begin to trigger highly personalized messages using any combination of demographic, technographic, firmographic and behavioral data housed within Woopra.

By installing the one-click integration, you can begin tracking Drift events such as when users:

  • Start a Drift Conversation
  • Send or Receive a Drift Chat Message

Why is this awesome?

With chat data integrated, you can measure and analyze the effectiveness of chat efforts across Customer Journeys and reporting. For example, you could create a Journey report to see if users that engage with a Drift chat are more or less likely to convert into paying customers.

You could also send targeted Drift messages to users based on their behavior across your site, product and more. For example, you could trigger a Drift message to all visitors on your website who are browsing your pricing page for more than 30 seconds and have opened a support ticket. Go one step further, by automatically personalizing this message with profile data housed in Woopra using Woopra's Triggers feature.

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