Magento is a flexible eCommerce solution with a vibrant extensions marketplace and an open global ecosystem.

Power your Magento eCommerce shop with Woopra's End-to-End Customer Analytics, Behavioral Data and Segmentation Capabilities

The Woopra and Magento integration allows you to track, analyze and visualize the whole customer journey, starting with the very first moment a user lands on your website till the point of conversion and beyond. Each step of the customer experience is captured in Woopra for analysis as the integration tracks more than 30+ actions and data points out of the box, including:

  • Products Added to Cart
  • Cart Items
  • Cart Total
  • Payment Methods
  • Coupons Applied
  • Checkout Sucess
  • Reviews Added and more!

Build Journeys to visualize how users navigate through your website or shopping platform. Leverage Trends reports to measure how the metrics that you care about most perform over time and what attributes drive performance. Visualize the end-to-end experience of your customers and optimize to keep your best customers coming back!

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