Marketo provides easy and powerful marketing automation software with everything a marketer needs: email, social, analytics, lead management, and more.

Supercharge Marketo with Woopra's Unified data for Full-Funnel Engagement, Optimization, Personalization and Attribution

The Woopra and Marketo Integration empowers you to:

Track Marketo events within Woopra's customer profiles and update lead lists using Woopra's behavioral data in Marketo. For example, the integration will track Marketo events such as when a promotional email is sent, opened and clicked.

Create analytics reports reflecting these events. You could analyze which emails had the most opens among customers in California. Or, you may want to build a Journey Analytics report showing where people drop off on the path to conversion after engaging with an email campaign.

Set up triggers in Woopra to automatically send new leads to Marketo or update existing Marketo lead records. For example, if someone signs up for a free trial of your product and engages with a product feature, you can set up a trigger to automatically send lead behavioral data to Marketo or create a new Marketo lead. If they change their behavior or information, later on, those fields will automatically update in the Marketo lead record.

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