Olark is a live chat platform that enables businesses to talk to customers browsing their website.

Empower sales and customer support teams to connect with users via chat at the right time, with the right message, fueled by Woopra's unified data

The Woopra and Olark Integration empowers you to:

  • Automatically track real-time Olark events directly within Woopra to generate analytics reports, create segmentation filters and more.

  • Use Woopra’s triggers to personalize and target chat messages based on a user’s engagement, demographics, behavior and other factors.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of chat activity, such as the average amount of time between when a customer starts a chat conversation and finally makes a purchase.

Woopra triggers allow for customized chat options based on historical behavior. For example, a support or sales representative could receive an “Operator alert,” allowing them to contact the customer at a later time with data relevant to their engagement.

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