Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals.

Trigger actions that automatically add deals from Woopra into Pipedrive and track updates to the deals in real-time with Woopra's powerful Customer Analytics reports.

The Pipedrive+Woopra Integration empowers you to:

  • Automatically add qualifying customers in Woopra in Pipedrive application with the following trigger actions:
    • Create a Deal in Pipedrive
    • Create a Person in Pipedrive
    • Create an Organization in Pipedrive
  • Track updates to pipeline deals in real-time with Woopra's analytics. The Deal Created action will automatically appear as Schema Analytics reports in Woopra, as well as become available in Woopra's segmentation filters and labels, as goals in funnel reports and time series reports, and more.
  • Enable sales people to channelize their efforts on specific leads from their marketing team without having to manually go through customer profiles each time there is a qualifying event, for example - new customer signups, form submissions, content downloads or product inquiries.

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