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Bring Behavioral Data from Woopra into Salesforce and Automate Sales Processes

Salesforce is a powerful CRM for managing sales leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. But, the experience your customers and prospects have expands far beyond what your sales team can see in Salesforce alone.

The result is a limited understanding of which prospects are engaging with your product or marketing campaigns. Who has recently submitted support tickets or chatting with you on live chat?

Woopra bridges this gap by uniting essential Salesforce CRM data with Woopra's omnichannel customer analytics. The integration provides a real-time, two-way data sync, allowing you to feed Woopra with essential Salesforce data and sync behavioral data from Woopra back into your Salesforce CRM.


  • Sales and operations teams are able to streamline processes by, for example, automatically converting leads or updating accounts based on behavioral data in Woopra.
  • Understand customer health, prospect engagement and more with Woopra's VisualForce component. After installing the integration, simply add this component to the lead and contact layout in Salesforce to see a real-time customer profile of each individual. Never have to leave Salesforce to know who is engaging with your brand at any time, across any channel.
  • Reduce the time spent on manually updating lead or contact information. Auto-update leads or contacts in Salesforce based on any type of behavioral segmentation criteria house in Woopra, all in real-time.
  • Leverage Salesforce data throughout your Woopra analysis and reporting. See which campaigns are driving the largest opportunities, what actions lead to a prospect requesting a demo or identify customers who are at risk of churning to re-engage them.

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Requires Integration via web service API (Enterprise & Unlimited editions of Salesforce only).

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