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Enrich Email Campaigns with Behavioral data and Measure Campaign Engagement in the Customer Journey

With this integration, you can enrich email campaigns based on customer actions in real-time. This means, you no longer have to rely on static customer attributes and standalone email lifecycle events such as emails opened and clicked for personalization.

Here are four effective ways to send contextually rich emails to propel your email campaigns:

Personalize emails based on app activity

Identify customer segments based on their in-app behavior in your product so you can develop highly targeted email content based on their most recent actions. Woopra's comprehensive people reports with dynamic segmentation abilities will make it remarkably easy to target the right audience at the right time.

Send real-time, trigger-based emails

Jumpstart your email marketing with Woopra Triggers so you can make your behavioral data even more actionable by sending real-time reactions to your customers such as a reminder to log in to your app if they have been inactive for a while or sending relevant content each time a customer seeks for help on your learning portal.

Automate email campaigns based on dynamic customer behaviors

Leverage Woopra's Scheduled Batch feature to automate your email campaigns with an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly frequency so they can have the most impact. For example, you can send an email to customers that forgot items in their cart and set up this scheduled batch for every evening to have high open rates.

Track email lifecycle events

Woopra tracks important events associated with your emails generated by SendGrid, such as emails bounced, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, processed, dropped, deferred and delivered. The integration comes with a two-way sync that gives you the ability to embed the email lifecycle events throughout Woopra - in analytics, reporting and segmentation.

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