Zendesk is a SaaS suite that offers help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support.

The Zendesk app tracks, in real-time, when tickets are created and solved in Zendesk.

These events are automatically tracked directly within Woopra as custom events and can be used to generate analytics reports, create segmentation filters, and more. The app also enables you to prioritize Zendesk tickets based on a user’s engagement and other factors.

For example, an online retailer can use this app to automatically mark Zendesk tickets submitted by top spending customers who have viewed at least four products in the last week as “high priority”.

A SaaS company can use this app to get a list of the most highly engaged trial users, by creating a segment for users who are on trial, have submitted at least two Zendesk tickets, and have used the product more than six times.

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