Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software solution.

Combine Zendesk’s easy to use helpdesk software with Woopra’s deep insights into user behavior to proactively resolve customer issues and improve engagement. Better assist users by giving your support team visibility into exactly what users have done on your website or app.

The Zendesk+Woopra Integration empowers you to:

  • Automatically add the following Events and Reports in Woopra
    • New Ticket - Ticket status is created
    • Open Ticket - Ticket status is open
    • Solved Ticket - Ticket status is solved
    • Closed Ticket - Ticket status is closed
  • Automatically add the following Trigger Actions in Zendesk
    • Ticket Status - Update ticket priority on Zendesk for this user
  • Track, in real-time, when tickets are created and resolved in Zendesk. These events are automatically tracked directly within Woopra as custom events and can be used to generate analytics reports, create segmentation filters and more.
  • Prioritize Zendesk tickets based on a user’s engagement and other factors. Ticket events selected in your setup will automatically appear as Schema Analytics reports, and become available in segmentation filters and labels, as goals in funnel reports and analytics reports, and more.

For example, an online retailer can use this app to automatically mark Zendesk tickets submitted by top spending customers who have viewed at least four products in the last week as “high priority”. A SaaS company can use this app to get a list of the most highly engaged trial users, by creating a segment for users who are on trial, have submitted at least two Zendesk tickets, and have used the product more than six times.

Learn More: https://blog.woopra.com/blog/2014/04/23/announcing-woopra-zendesk

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