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What Makes Working at Woopra Awesome?

At Woopra, we’re more than just brilliant engineers, passionate data enthusiasts, out-of-the-box thinkers and determined innovators; we’re skilled musicians, cyclists, chefs, photographers, dog lovers and rock climbers. We believe in surrounding ourselves with not only the best and the brightest individuals, but those that are unique and purpose-driven in all that they do.

Our culture is not defined by a certain set of perks designed to give the illusion of the traditional “startup culture,” but rather, it is the visible example carried by every employee that we hire.

Our Values

Constantly Evolving - We’re in a consistent state of evolution and customer-centric innovation.

Committed to Greatness - We don’t deliver mediocre products and strive to be exceptional in all that we do.

Adventurous and Brave - We challenge the status quo, question assumptions and approach every task with a curious mindset.

Humble and Empathetic - We hold ourselves accountable, admit mistakes with grace and treat everyone we encounter with respect.

Embrace Relationships - We make decisions based on long-term outcomes and not short financial gain.

Building a Company - We’re not here to simply do our job, we’re here to build a company and place team success over personal gain every time.

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