Our Mission

At Woopra, we’re on a mission to make the unification, collaboration and actionability of data so seamless that every employee is empowered to make data-driven decisions. We’re helping organizations bridge the informational divide, consolidating data from different departments, tools and channels within a single platform to reveal actionable insights for every team.

We translate data into insight. We deliver clarity. We teach our customers about their customers.

Our Pact

  • We are only successful if our customers are successful
  • We maintain an evolved and open work environment for a happier and more productive team
  • We prioritize intellectual honesty and integrity over short-term gain
  • We treat each person, from customer, to colleague, to vendor, with the respect that every human being deserves


“There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage, the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different.”

– Alfred P. Sloan

Unsatisfied with the products available in the analytics industry, Woopra’s founders decide to build their own. Woopra is born, pioneering real-time analytics.

Seeing the value in tracking more than pageviews, Woopra introduces custom event tracking to the analytics industry.

Until 2010, analytics were primarily reactive. Companies had to seek out essential data. With the belief that companies should pro-actively receive custom alerts on user activity, Woopra launches real-time Notifications.

Segmentation in Woopra gets a major facelift, with the most advanced, yet intuitive, filtering capabilities on the market.

The Woopra team pioneers its way to San Francisco, where the company says goodbye to channel-specific analytics and becomes laser focused on delivering the best real-time customer analytics.

Woopra takes custom event tracking to the next level by introducing Schema, a proprietary technology which leverages a company’s custom events to create a bespoke analytics experience – a first for the industry.

The next stage in Woopra’s evolution is here: AppConnect. Companies can now centralize customer activity data in Woopra by using AppConnect integrations to sync with other tools. All this without a single line of code.

Woopra adds Two Dimensional Funnel Analytics to its Customer Intelligence offering, empowering users to visualize and optimize every touchpoint in the end-to-end customer journey.

Woopra doubles the number of integration partners, enabling seamless one-click integrations with the applications businesses rely on most. In parallel, dedicated support and expanded functionality drive Woopra’s Enterprise revenue to outgrow Small Business for the first time ever.

The Woopra platform is completely rebuilt, embracing modern React/Redux architecture. The UI gets a complete facelift, enabling extensibility and enhancing the user experience, while setting our product team up to iterate and push new features faster than ever on a streamlined framework.

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