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Enterprise Edition

Woopra’s Enterprise Edition is designed to meet the needs of organizations looking for a seamlessly tailored experience. From the first conversation, our team evaluates your pain points and requirements to design a custom solution.

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Custom Reports

Exclusive to the Enterprise Edition, Woopra’s Custom Reports feature enables you to create bespoke analytics reports at no extra cost to you. Build reports on the fly yourself, or have your data consultant set them up for you.

Premium Support

Enjoy premium support from your dedicated account manager and enterprise support teams, including prioritized responses and a dedicated Slack channel for real-time assistance. Using Woopra, we automatically advance enterprise client support tickets in Zendesk.

Data Modeling Consultant

You will have access to a data consultant who will walk you through the entire process, starting with implementation and continuing with monthly sessions to proactively help you meet your goals.

Premium Apps and Integrations

Woopra’s premium apps and integrations, including Salesforce and Marketo, are available exclusively on the Enterprise Edition. You will also have access to custom data integrations using our proprietary APIs and Webhooks.

Scalable Infrastructure

Woopra’s infrastructure is designed to grow with your company. The platform can process billions of actions in real-time without skipping a beat. Regardless of size, Woopra will crunch your data within seconds.

Fast and Secure Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Edition accounts are hosted on the Woopra Enterprise Cloud (WEC), which is a dedicated data environment that operates more than fives times faster and is reserved for priority accounts.

Cross-Domain Tracking

You have the option to track your customers across multiple domains within the same Woopra instance. Third party tracking cookies are also available for eligible accounts.

Volume Pricing

The Enterprise Edition offers volume pricing that can scale to unlimited usage and reporting capabilities. As your account grows, cost savings due to economies of scale are passed on to you.

Sandbox Account

You will be provided with a dedicated sandbox account instance to run tests and experiments before deploying to your production account instance.

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