Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set Woopra up on my site?

Woopra’s basic setup is as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code. After that’s done, you can simply take advantage of Woopra’s “out of the box” capabilities, or you can add custom tracking code to optimize Woopra for your specific needs.

Woopra isn’t Working. Why isn’t it tracking my website?

To determine why your data might not be tracking properly, start with these steps:

  • Verify the Woopra JavaScript is correct
  • Verify the Woopra JavaScript is placed in every page on your website that you wish to track
  • Validate your site for errors or other scripts which may interfere with Woopra’s JavaScript

If everything seems to be implemented correctly, contact our Support team.

What will Woopra not track?

Woopra tracks individuals as they visit and navigate your site. However, like most web analytics programs, Woopra cannot track the following:

  • Visitors with JavaScript disabled.
  • Visitor geo-locations when tunneling through proxy servers.
  • Web crawlers, search engine crawlers, bots, and non-human activity.
  • Some Flash and AJAX actions.

How many sites can I track through Woopra?

You can add an unlimited number of sites to your Woopra account, paid and free. Remember that all sites have to adhere to the Woopra Terms of Service.

My website is listed as unavailable. What do I do?

If you get an error when adding a website to Woopra, it may mean that your domain has already been registered with Woopra. We only allow one webmaster account per website.

If you encounter this issue here are a few options:

  • Ask around your office or company to find out who may have registered the site with Woopra and work with them to make any changes
  • If you have more than one email address, check to ensure you didn’t already register with a different Woopra account under a different email address

If you’re still unable to register your domain under your Woopra account, Contact Us.

Why are my stats on Woopra different than on Google Analytics?

Some Woopra users see a discrepancy between their stats on Woopra and on Google Analytics. The primary reason for this discrepancy is each service’s reporting method.

Time Window

  • Woopra shows you exactly who is on your site, what they’re doing, and when they leave, accurate to the second.
  • Google Analytics reports based on who has been active on your site within the last 5 minutes. That means if a visitor idle for more than 5 minutes, or has left your site within the last 5 minutes, Google Analytics may inaccurately show whether they’re on or off.


  • Google Analytics often samples a subset of your data for data collection and report generation. So you may be seeing data on only some of your visitors in your reports.
  • Since Woopra reports at the individual level rather than aggregating, Woopra collects your full set of data.

Tracking Across Multiple Devices

  • Some discrepancies exist between Woopra and Google Analytics since traditional web analytics, like Google Analytics, are unable to track a user across multiple devices, so a visitor returning to the site from another device is identified as a new visitor, rather than a returning visitor.

Is Woopra slowing down my site?

Woopra’s JavaScript has been thoroughly tested and found to be small and light. It puts less burden on your site than Google Analytics and other similar scripts. Also, Woopra’s JavaScript runs Asynchronously, meaning that it does not slow down the page loading time on your visitor’s browsers. The data that the script collects is sent to Woopra’s servers, so the heavy lifting is done by us, not your site.

Woopra Live is run completely in the browser on your local computer. The data displayed in Woopra Live is transferred from Woopra’s cloud servers to your computer and does not use any of your site’s bandwidth or resources.

I can’t remember my password.

If you know and have access to the email address associated with your Woopra account, you can reset your password via email.

What if I want to reset my data?

After experimenting and optimizing your tracking code and schema setup, you may wish to start over fresh. We will happily reset your data for you upon request. All historical data will be deleted, but your schema, funnel and retention report configurations, labels, triggers and scheduled tasks will all remain in place, ready to be populated with your new data.

If you’d like to reset your data, please contact our Support team for assistance.

What are “-encrypted-” search queries?

As you may know, Google switched the search default to SSL for their logged in users. This means that all analytics services, including Google Analytics, are no longer able to detect the search query of visitors coming from Google if they are logged into Google and have SSL enabled in their account. You can learn more about this change here.

To make it easier for our users to identify which results are being affected by this change, we tag these queries as “-encrypted-”.

What if I need more help using Woopra?

Take a look at our Documentation page for more product and setup information. We also have a dedicated support team that’s always here to help. Just send your questions directly to our Support team or contact your Account Representative (Enterprise) and we’ll get back to you right away.

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