The Woopra and HubSpot Apps for Agency Services Program

Optimize, analyze and boost efficiency on client campaigns with data on every essential touchpoint.

HubSpot Agency Partners

Leverage the Woopra platform to track crucial performance metrics, kick-off hyper-targeted campaigns and deliver measurable result for their clients.

The Apps for Agency Services Program provides HubSpot Platinum and Diamond Agency Partners the opportunity to deliver more value to their clients through access to HubSpot Certified Connect Partners software for free.


The Partnership

Measure and optimize every campaign and behavioral activity back to revenue for your clients.

At Woopra, we build relationships with partners who believe in building incredible customer experiences faster, and smarter, together. Our specialty lies in Woopra’s ability to unify and help agencies analyze essential customer touchpoints across data sources.

With a single source of data truth, you can take immediate action on this data with Customer Journeys, Trends, Retention reports, subscription reports, cohort analysis, real-time automation and more!

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The Woopra and HubSpot Integration

Analyze the real-time behaviors that impact the entire customer lifecycle — starting from the moment a lead visits your website to the point of conversion and beyond!

  • Target segments of visitors and customers with laser-focused drip campaigns, based on who they are and what they do.
  • Identify your most-engaged users after the point of conversion and pass on product qualified leads to your sales team.
  • Fight churn before it happens by proactively reaching out to at-risk customers leveraging the product engagement data and customer health scores within Woopra.

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Reach out to our partnerships team for program details, participation requirements, enablement resources and to learn how you can get started today! 

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Full insight into the customer journey.
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