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Import historical Azure data to augment and further enrich your data.

About this integration

Connecting to Azure can be beneficial for your customer and product analytics in many ways. Using this connection allows you to import historical data to augment and further enrich your data. This connection can be used to import customer data such as names and user types, event data such as orders and signup events, and much more. Event data must have a timestamp associated with each event.

After the connection is made, you’ll create an import Task to pull in the specific data you want and you’ll be able to tie that information to specific profiles based on user ids or emails. Once the task is made, this is an ongoing import so we’ll continue to check for new data so all your data is up-to-date. We also allow for joins as well if you have data in different tables. If you need help setting up the Tasks, please contact Woopra Support and we’ll be happy to assist!


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