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Import current and historical data from Marketo to enrich profiles and send data back to Marketo to create powerful workflows.

About this integration

The Woopra + Marketo Integration enables you to import Marketo data for use in your customer journey analytics.

Since this integration uses our Dataloader connection, this means you can import historical data from Marketo. This also means that we have access to certain tables in Marketo where you can customize what data you want to import to Woopra. For example, if you import email events, this would allow you to analyze which emails had the most opens among customers in California. Or, you may want to build a Journey Analytics report showing where people drop off on the path to conversion after engaging with an email campaign.

In addition to importing data, you can also set up triggers to create/update leads and even add leads to lists in Marketo all from within Woopra. For example, if someone signs up for a free trial of your product and engages with a product feature, you can set up a trigger to automatically send lead behavioral data to Marketo or create a new Marketo lead. If they change their behavior or information, later on, those fields will automatically update in the Marketo lead record.


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