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Gain insight into the impact Olark chats have on conversions and engagement as well as trigger chat events all from within Woopra.

About this integration

The Woopra + Olark integration enables you to automatically track real-time Olark events directly within Woopra to enrich your customer analytics.

Tracking this data enables you to take a close look at the effectiveness of the Olark and how these chats can help sales. For example, you could create a trigger to show a chat window when they complete a certain task on your site. Your sales team could then engage them to close the deal. In Woopra, you could then create a Journey Report to track chats and conversions to help understand your ROI.


Data ImportData Import
7 Webhooks
2 Import Triggers
Data ExportData Export
7 Trigger Events

Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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