Funnel Analytics

Pinpoint where customers drop off on the path to conversion

Funnel Analytics map out the steps in your conversion process to show you at which steps you lose customers. And setting up a Funnel Analytics report takes less than a minute.

For example, an online retailer can discover where there is friction in its conversion process by simply adding the steps a customer must take to check out.

We can see from the Funnel Analytics report on the right that the online retailer is losing most of its customers between the “Add Shipping” and “Add Payment Method” steps. This may indicate that customers are finding the shipping options too expensive and abandoning after seeing the prices.

Now that the online retailer has found its biggest conversion killer, it can run experiments to fix the problem and continue to measure the Funnel to see if the experiments were successful.


funnel analytics compare segments

Compare how well different segments convert

You know that different types of customers convert better than others. With Funnel Analytics you can easily compare the different segments to see how each one moves through your conversion funnel.

For example, an online retailer can compare how well customers who came from different marketing channels convert in order to see where they should focus their marketing budget.

In the Funnel Analytics report on the left, we can quickly see that customers from search convert the best at 33.7% and customers from email convert the worst at 0%.

You can even customize these segments using properties in order to get the exact insight you need.

The Funnel Analytics features you’ve come to expect and more

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