"Woopra’s customer intelligence platform offered us a turnkey solution that enabled us to improve internal workflows and respond in real-time to clients’ unique needs. By choosing Woopra we have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction."

Andrew Karam, VP of Product, AppLovin

AppLovin is Lovin Woopra for Site Analysis and the Ability to Respond to Customers in Real-Time


Founded in 2012, AppLovin’s marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands wanting to reach their consumers on mobile. The platform enables brands to use real-time data signals to make effective marketing decisions across one billion consumers worldwide.

In order to advance its understanding of its customers’ needs, AppLovin needed to analyze how they were using its website and services. In particular, the AppLovin team wanted to identify where users were running into obstacles or experiencing difficulties.


Andrew Karam, VP of Product at AppLovin, considered bigger brand name analytics solutions. He found, however, that “other solutions were more complicated to use, requiring more involved integrations in order to be up and running.” The biggest priority for Karam’s team was to implement a simple, intuitive solution that anyone (even someone without a engineering background) could use. “The AppLovin team preferred Woopra because of its excellent and easy-to-use interface,” said Karam, who now considers himself a super-user of Woopra for that very reason.

Karam shared that “Woopra’s platform does not require engineering to build internal tools based on website data. We were able to use Woopra Triggers to proactively monitor and respond to customers who encountered issues by sending internal notifications to our team.” Both of these reasons were compelling enough for AppLovin to select Woopra over the market alternatives.


Quick and simple integration of Woopra satisfied AppLovin’s need to understand user interaction on a deeper level. Woopra also provided a historic log of all activity, enabling non-data crunchers to find answers to data-driven questions. This eliminated the need to weed through website log files to figure out who changed something and when. That meant AppLovin could take action fast.

The simple interface and ease of navigation evolved into other benefits for AppLovin. Karam shared that “Woopra’s Trigger feature also allows us to gather information, package it, and generate internal email alerts to sales, engineering and other internal teams.”

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