“The biggest problem was that we didn’t know what our customers were doing. Woopra made information immediately available for us to find answers to specific questions, map out the customer journey and acts as the baseline for our customer data.”

— Scott Smith, VP Sales, CloudApp


I’m Scott Smith and I’m responsible for sales at CloudApp. CloudApp is basically the fastest way to share anything that’s on your screen or your desktop with a co-worker, team member, a customer or a client.

I’ve been using Woopra for about eight months, literally every day and even sometimes on the weekends. It’s been awesome. One word that I would use to describe it is, “obsessed.” It helps us navigate and understand everything that’s going on with the business at any given time.


If you have 10–30,000 people signing up every month, it’s a tidal wave of information. It can feel overwhelming. In order to sift through that giant haystack and find a needle I would write a sequel query and then I would check with our engineering team. Then they might say, “well actually you’re going to need to change this one little thing.” Then I’d have to go back to try another query to access the right data.

It was literally hours a day of me reading blogs, talking to our engineering team, them explaining to me how to use sequel and then revising things that I was doing wrong. Luckily, I just don’t have to do that anymore. It takes me 10 to 15 seconds per query to find exactly what I want in Woopra.


Our biggest problem was we didn’t know what our customers were doing. Woopra makes that information immediately available for us to find answers to very specific questions, such as mapping out our customer lifecycle. I can instantly see when new users have signed up or confirmed an account and what the next thing is that they did. I can see how many people are falling off, how many subscribed and all subsequent actions.

Creating that customer lifecycle takes 10 seconds in Woopra and we have reports that we reference every week to see how we’re doing against the previous week, previous month or the previous year. It’s awesome because we can see that gradual progression.

When we look at the decisions that we’ve made and the new products that we’ve launched, we may all feel like, “hey this was a great feature. Let’s see how it did.” But, then looking at the data we may find out that actually it didn’t make any difference or had no impact. We can instantly validate these types of assumptions using the Woopra platform.

It’s truly something that everyone on our team goes back to, we’re constantly referencing Woopra to gain insight from our data. We’ve basically found that Woopra has helped us do all of the things that we need to do in one central place, a consolidated brain where we can get everything done.

It makes me feel like I can know everything that’s going on in our business and I’m not stressed out, worried or concerned that I’m missing something. I know it’s all there and I just have to get in and start looking for it.

Woopra is the only solution that’s going to give you the depth, the clarity and the comprehensive idea of what’s going on with your company at any given time.

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