"We tested many other analytics packages in the market and I feel that Woopra is the most advanced and flexible advanced platform for our needs. A lot of great features are available for the novice to the most advanced users in our organization. Amazingly knowledgeable support who is responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend Woopra."

Anthony Soohoo, CEO & Co-Founder Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo Transforms Organizational Culture with Woopra


Dot & Bo is an online home goods retailer, based in San Francisco’s design district. The company makes curated designs and personalized services accessible to everyone. Dot & Bo serves a large customer base looking for a better way to decorate, with the expectation of a highly customized retail experience.

With Dot & Bo’s rapid growth and expanding customer base, they wanted a better way to keep a pulse on customer needs. They needed a better way to visualize customer data with real-time context in order to provide a high touch retail experience. Dot & Bo also lacked a central point to join all customer data, impacting consistency across the organization, for better internal collaboration and decision-making.


Anthony Soohoo, CEO & Co-Founder of Dot & Bo, wanted the ability to pinpoint where users were dropping out of the funnel, or where they touched product but had doubts. He wanted a solution that would help them think about customer experience in a personal way. Soohoo considered various business intelligence and analytics solutions, “but found Woopra presented the information in a simple and thoughtful way, making it more actionable. Woopra was easy to implement company-wide, providing the entire organization a single tool to improve customer experience.”


By implementing Woopra, Dot & Bo quickly gained a strong visualization of their customer experience, allowing them to better manage relationships. Soohoo shared that, “with Woopra we now have a comprehensive profile of every customer that details purchase history, website engagement and other touch points. As a result we can execute better customer experiences such as a 5x faster average response time.”

Dot & Bo takes advantage of Woopra’s funnel analytics to find vulnerabilities in their conversion process. By visualizing and pinpointing problem areas Dot & Bo uncovered design features that were confusing to users. By fixing this area of the design, Dot & Bo experienced a 200% increase in conversion rates.

The biggest change was cultural, “giving the entire organization a single, consistent set of customer data. This was the most important change that resulted from implementing Woopra, transforming Dot & Bo from opinion-based to a data-driven culture,” said Soohoo.


  • 200%+ increase in conversions with funnel analytics
  • Real-time visualization tools empowered a 5x faster response time to customers
  • Improved response time from a few days to just minutes or seconds
  • Shift from opinion based culture to a data driven culture
  • Ability to track customized events for different use cases with powerful label creator
  • Flexible API for quick and easy integration

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