"Woopra’s customer intelligence platform is reasonably priced and easy to integrate. Woopra’s unique ability to segment users in real-time gives our marketing team a powerful tool to send targeted, customized messages to Mayvenn consumers."

Ryan Stevens, Product Manager, Mayvenn

Mayvenn Enhances Customer Experience with Woopra’s Real-Time Capabilities


Mayvenn has tapped into a unique space, reinventing the way stylists sell hair extensions to clients. Rather than refer clients to beauty supply stores as they did in the past, stylists can now sell directly to clients. Mayvenn enables Hair Stylists to sell natural hair extension products without the upfront costs and burdens of having inventory.

Mayvenn stylists and clients interact mostly through SMS. Mayvenn users enjoy quick, personalized responses and dialogue regarding products and purchases. As the Mayvenn community continues to grow the Mayvenn team wanted a solution to power all email and SMS events with targeted messaging, but intuitive enough for a business user.


Ryan Stevens, Product Manager at Mayvenn, considered several solutions “but we quickly decided on Woopra’s customer intelligence platform based on the flexibility, value for money and intuitive user interface. We needed more than just an eCommerce solution and Woopra’s ability to integrate with various technologies for trigger events was impressive.” Stevens added that “Woopra’s flexibility with SMS was the biggest differentiator, that none of the other solutions could beat.”


According to Stevens, “Woopra’s user interface is incredibly intuitive for our business users, eliminating the need to bother engineering every time a new SMS or email message is needed. This has bolstered productivity for both our sales and marketing teams and alleviated requests of engineering.”

Most importantly with Woopra, Mayvenn can provide a more intimate customer experience. Woopra segments users dynamically, in real-time allowing Mayvenn marketing to respond appropriately to users based on various behaviors and triggers.


  • Targeted messaging increased 3X with Woopra
  • Messaging activity as a result of triggers increased more than 150%
  • Gained ability to have a full picture of users and intent across all channels
  • Engineering time spent on marketing reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes weekly
  • Automating with Woopra eliminated 40 hours a week of staff hours

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