"Woopra enables other departments to be more autonomous than ever before. An engineering request that might have taken weeks to accomplish can now be done by our own marketing team in the same day."

Ryan Stevens, Product Manager, Mayvenn

Mayvenn Fuels Personalized Messaging and Autonomy with Woopra

An Interview with Ryan Stevens, Product Manager at Mayvenn

My name is Ryan, and I’m the Product Manager at Mayvenn. Mayvenn is an eCommerce beauty supply company and we partner with stylists to help them to grow their business.

We were looking for a solution that would help us to better analyze our product and that would allow us to send out highly targeted messaging to our customers. After discovering Woopra, and getting to know their team and product, we realized that Woopra would be the perfect fit for us.

The Experience

We’ve been using Woopra for almost two years. Since integrating Woopra into our system, we couldn’t be happier with how robust and comprehensive it is. I’ve been personally really impressed with the reliability of the product, and how perfectly it fits our needs without requiring much customization along the way. Woopra’s AppConnect was definitely something that sealed the deal for us. AppConnect has numerous marketing automation and messaging app integrations that were seamless to connect with.

The Use Cases

Mayvenn is more than just a pure eCommerce business, we also have a platform for stylists where we help them to sell to their clients. Using Woopra, we’re able to segment between our stylists and our customers and even stylists referred by other stylists. By having this powerful segmentation in place, we know exactly who we’re talking to at every moment in time. This allows us to send out highly-targeted messaging as opposed to more generic messages that may not be as impactful.

By having this powerful segmentation in place, we know exactly who we’re talking to at every moment in time.

For example, I can filter all our customers by an “order placed” attribute, and then I can go deeper and segment it by the people who had an order placed with the value over $500. With this segmentation, I can send a very targeted message to that group based on who they are and the actions they’ve taken. It’s been incredibly powerful for us.

The Impact

What’s really powerful about Woopra is that it enables other departments within the company to be more autonomous than they ever were in the past. Previously, a lot of the departments at Mayvenn were heavily dependent on engineering. There was always a backlog for our engineers to query data to assist in their efforts. On average, a request would take us a week to process because it had to go through engineering and would tie up our developers’ time. Now, Mayvenn employees can accomplish exactly the same task within the same day.

Woopra enables other departments within the company to be more autonomous than they ever were in the past.

I really like how Woopra and Mayvenn are partners in everything that we do. While Woopra has been really easy to use since the integration, there are times when we’ve needed certain customizations for analytics and messaging. Woopra’s been really great working with us on all the different kinds of customizations that other companies make it very difficult to accomplish. They ensure that all of our needs are met and you can feel that our success means their success as well. We love it.

I think Woopra would be an ideal fit for any company that has a customer base and is trying to understand their customers better. Woopra is not just for eCommerce, SaaS or subscription products. It’s for every company that wants to provide more value to their customers.

For more information on how Mayvenn uses Woopra, check out the “Mayvenn Enhances Customer Experience with Woopra’s Real-Time Capabilities” case study.


  • Targeted messaging increased 3X with Woopra
  • Messaging activity as a result of triggers increased more than 150%
  • Gained ability to have a full picture of users and intent across all channels
  • Engineering time spent on marketing reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes weekly
  • Automating with Woopra eliminated 40 hours a week of staff hours

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