"With Woopra, we can see our data at a more granular level, which ultimately helps us know if we are meeting our KPIs."

Lik Fun Chan, Product Manager at SERMO

SERMO, A Global Physician Network uses Woopra to Improve Patient Outcomes


SERMO is the leading social network for over 550,000 fully verified, licensed physicians across the globe. SERMO’s objective is to improve patient outcomes through collaboration across borders by providing a forum for physicians to share medical advice, crowdsource treatments and best practices. Achieving this requires a cohesive, centralized way to view user data across SERMO.

SERMO product teams and commercial teams need data for different purposes. SERMO was already using a leading analytics solution, however the solution lacked a cohesive way to look at the data or reference queries. The lack of centralized, consistent data for all teams made collaboration difficult resulting in different results for different teams.

As a social network, user engagement is a key indicator of success. While SERMO had a high level understanding of user engagement from their existing analytics solution, they realized they could gain more. SERMO needed to understand how users were engaging with content, products and campaigns in real-time.


SERMO needed to bring the organization’s data needs under a single umbrella while gaining the more detailed insight into user interaction. They wanted to augment their existing analytics solution features that were missing: centralized data collection, consistent metrics, ability to collaborate and real-time visibility. SERMO selected Woopra’s customer intelligence platform to enhance their existing analytics solution for these additional business benefits.


SERMO implemented Woopra and began transitioning all their tracking “so that we are pulling from one central data source, not multiple,” shared Lik Fun Chan, Product Manager at SERMO. With Woopra’s customer intelligence solution “SERMO teams can work off the same set of data and automate report sharing for easy collaboration,” said Chan.

With Woopra, SERMO is able to track content usage and specific engagement behavior. Woopra’s customer intelligence solution helped SERMO “understand which content doctors viewed, what doctors were doing on the site, how doctors are engaging with sponsored content and the amount of time in which they were engaging,” shared Chan. “The more information we have about engagement, the more we can communicate to clients about their target audience and advise them on how their campaign is performing.”

SERMO uses Woopra’s segmentation capabilities to understand how different groups of users behave, and leverages that insight to determine how to improve services and drive further engagement. In addition, SERMO uses Woopra to analyze conversion funnels to see how different physician segments move through. By understanding different segments and behaviors, SERMO is able to take actions to help move each segment towards conversion.

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