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Import current and historical data from HubSpot to enrich profiles and send data back to HubSpot to create powerful workflows.

About this integration

The Woopra + HubSpot integration is excellent for enriching Woopra user profiles, creating workflows for HubSpot marketing campaigns, and can also update HubSpot user profiles all from within Woopra. Bring your customer analytics to the next level by automating data syncs to and from HubSpot to deep dive into your customer’s journey.

In addition to the above features, you can also add users to contact lists in HubSpot. For example, an online retailer's customers who've previously spent more than $1,000 and have viewed at least seven new products in the last day could be automatically added to a promotional drip campaign or contact list in HubSpot.

Since this integration uses our Dataloader connection, this means you can import historical data from HubSpot. This also means that we have access to certain tables in HubSpot where you can customize what data you want to import to Woopra.


Data Loader Connection
Data ImportData Import
Import Tasks
Data ExportData Export
8 Trigger Events
2 Profile Report Exports

Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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