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Analytics for SaaS

See how engaged your users are and anticipate when they might churn.

Measure Subscriptions and Get Ahead of Customer Churn

SaaS companies live and die by their subscription metrics. Woopra delivers SaaS analytics that enable you to track subscription updates and automatically generate analytics reports on your total subscription changes.

Measure the actions that users commit within your application to understand user engagement and product adoption. For example, a SaaS company that provides online meeting services could track and measure how many meetings are scheduled over a given period of time.

Understand User Retention and Churn

If SaaS companies live and die by their subscription metrics, consider customer retention the lifeblood of every SaaS company. Retention Reports can show at-risk customers before they cancel or downgrade their subscriptions so that you can get ahead of customer churn.

Set up a Retention Report

Measure how long users commit the actions you're monitoring. For example, the online meeting company’s report could show how long customers continue to schedule meetings after they sign-up.

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Smarter Customer Success and Sales

If a customer stops using your product, eventually they stop paying you. Customer success teams need to monitor the entire customer journey and understand what a user has done, which emails the user has received, and all other relevant events.

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