BillFloat, an SF Company Helping Both Consumers and Billers

BillFloat, a fellow San Francisco company and longtime Woopra customer, was kind enough to speak with us about their Woopra experience. BillFloat is an online service that helps you get more time to pay bills in order to avoid late fees, service terminations, and high cost loans. The company also helps billers, like utility companies and e-tailers, accelerate their cash flow.

Doug Reed, the VP of engineering at BillFloat, explains how the company uses and benefits from Woopra. Here are a few of his key points:

  • Being Data-Driven – BillFloat is a data-driven company that uses Woopra all the way from the CEO on down.
  • Learning About Our Customers – With Woopra, the BillFloat team is able to understand where customers drop off in the funnel, how they’re using their product, and more.
  • Tracking at the Individual Level – Colleagues outside of BillFloat are always surprised that the company is able to track customers granularly at an individual level with Woopra.
  • Reacting in Real-Time – Woopra allows BillFloat to understand what’s happening with the product at all times, allowing them to react quickly to both opportunities and threats.
  • Improving Our Product Lines – Understanding their funnels with Woopra enables BillFloat to improve their product lines across the board.

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