GetGoing, Travel Startup That Helps You Save Big

GetGoing is a San Francisco-based travel startup that allows you to choose two travel destinations and let their system pick one for you, with up to 40% in savings on the ticket price. With their eight patents and partnerships with major airlines, GetGoing is able to offer customers some serious savings that you won’t find elsewhere.

Eli Rosenberg, the Director of Product at GetGoing, gave some of his time to tell us about how their team uses Woopra. Check out some of Eli’s key points:

  • On Choosing Woopra – On the recommendation of another CTO, GetGoing was introduced to Woopra, which they ultimately chose for their analytics based on Woopra’s ability to give them a customer-centric view
  • Quantifying Efforts – GetGoing uses Woopra to understand which features are most valued by their customers, where their bottlenecks are, and which campaigns deliver the best ROI
  • Making Informed Decisions – With Woopra, GetGoing now has hard numbers to direct their decisions, such as which features to keep and which ones to eliminate
  • Analytics Like No Other – Eli explains how Woopra’s ability to track both an event (e.g. search for flight) and its properties (e.g. destinations selected) allows GetGoing to get insight that they haven’t seen available anywhere else
  • Measuring New Features – As a product manager, Eli is able to watch how customers interact with new features in real-time, giving him a deep understanding of how users respond to updates
  • Improving Customer Support – Whenever GetGoing receives a call or email from a customer, they go first to Woopra to see the customer’s exact activity, which helps them troubleshoot efficiently

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