We speak to data lovers every day who ask us what sets Woopra apart from competing analytics solutions. So, we’ve decided to launch a series called “Customer Analytics Unveiled.” Here we shed light on the available solutions in the marketplace and the differing feature sets to help bring clarity to the noise.

Woopra vs. Google Analytics

The Skinny

Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool on the market and entry-level access is completely free. Using Google Analytics, you can see how website traffic has evolved over time, identify traffic sources, monitor SEO and observe site performance. If you’re pushing spend into Google Adwords, you are also able to access detailed reporting on ad performance and generated revenue.

“While website performance analysis is beneficial, it is only skimming the surface.”

In, “4 Reasons Why Google Analytics is the 51st Shade of Grey,” I highlighted several drawbacks to confiding in Google Analytics for customer and prospect data. While website performance analysis is beneficial, it is only skimming the surface — leaving room for error, shortsightedness and missed opportunities.

To illuminate some of the key differentiators between Woopra and Google Analytics, we’ve prepared the below infographic for your reference:

Whether you're looking for SaaS analytics, product analytics, or any type of customer analytics, this is valuable information for anyone looking to kick up their analytics capabilities.