In the world of e-Commerce, differentiating your brand from competitors and acquiring customers at a reasonable CPC is an ongoing challenge.

At Woopra, we’re always ideating on new ways to make it easier for our e-Commerce customers to design consistent and engaging customer experiences. Our integration with e-Commerce platform, Magento, is designed to do just that.

The Woopra and Magento integration is:

  • Fully customizable to your companies needs and includes a comprehensive suite of analytics functionality including: website, product and mobile app tracking, real-time individual profiles, end-to-end customer journey reports, retention, trends reports and more!

  • Simple to install with no coding experience required so you don’t need to tie up valuable engineering resources to design an enterprise-grade analytics solution.

To access the Woopra Magento Integration, install the extension from the Magento Marketplace.

*Note: Our current Integration is for Magento 2. If you’re using Magento 1, check out our documentation in Github.*

Instructions on installing and setting up the plugin can be found in the Documentation section of the Marketplace listing. If you have any questions on how to install the integration, shoot us an e-mail at!

Custom Actions and Magento Integration

After installing the integration, Woopra will instantly begin tracking the custom actions and visitor data that live in Magento. In addition, both your action and visitor schema will automatically populate with actions and properties so you can instantly take full advantage of the Woopra platform.

The Woopra and Magento integration allows you to track, analyze and visualize the whole customer journey, starting with the very first moment a user lands on your website till the point of conversion and beyond. Each step along the customer experience is captured in Woopra for analysis as the integration tracks more than 30+ actions and data points out of the box, including:

  • Products Added to Cart

  • Cart Items

  • Cart Total

  • Payment Methods

  • Coupons Applied

  • Checkout Sucess

  • Reviews Added

And more! The full of list of actions tracked out of the box can be found in our installation guide.

Leveraging the Integration in Woopra

After you’ve installed the Magento integration, utilize Woopra’s analytics reports to make data-driven decisions and take action on your customer data.


For every user who’s engaged with you, Woopra automatically creates a real-time Profile that displays every action they’ve ever performed. You don’t need to write any custom code to start identifying users with the Magento Integration — it’s all done out of the box for you! After users identify themselves by providing their email address or alternative unique identifier, Woopra will merge the anonymous profile into one unified customer profile for a complete view of customer behavior.

People Reports

Leverage Woopra’s People Reports and Segmentation to view groups of people based on who they are and what they do. Export these reports to 3rd party tools for engagement or share them reports with teammates to drive collaboration across the company!

When building a People report, apply pre-generated action and visitor properties in the Segmentation filters to find the exact group of people you’re looking to analyze. For example, you could build a People report of High-Value customers using the following visitor properties that come out of the box with the Magento integration:

  • Life-time Sales

  • Life-time Orders

Customize your table columns with the visitor data or dynamic fields that matter most to you and start seeing the people behind your data!


Journeys are the best way to visualize how users navigate through your website or shopping platform. All pre-generated actions and action properties can be used as steps in the Journey Report so you can understand how each touchpoint impacts another. Leverage the optional goals feature to see non-linear steps taken on the road to conversion and identify any gaps or challenges in the customer experience.

For example, let’s say you want to analyze how your new coupon promotion is performing and if it has any impact on checkout success.

You can build the Journey with the following steps:

  • Viewed a Product

  • Added a Product to Cart

  • Applied Coupon

  • Checked Out

Set the “Coupon Applied” step as optional to see if users who’ve applied the coupon have a higher chance of conversion than those who proceeded to checkout without the promotion.

Learn more about the power of Woopra’s Customer Journeys.


Leveraging our Trends reports and the Magento integration, you can monitor how the metrics that you care about most perform over time and what attributes are driving performance.

For instance, you might want to analyze how “newsletter subscriptions” are performing over time since it’s a strong indicator of engagement with your brand. Build a Trends Report and see how newsletter subscriptions are growing over the time and know if content marketing efforts are paying off!

Dig deeper to find out if desktop users are more likely to sign up for the newsletter than mobile users. Similarly, segment by the geographic location and learn if, for example, visitors from the UK are more engaged with your content than visitors from the US. With Trends reports, the opportunities are truly limitless!

Triggers and Automations

Along with the Magento integration, Woopra integrates with more than 50 tools and platforms that help to personalize and target customer through email, chat, advertising, support inquiries and more.

Using MailChimp, Active Campaign or HubSpot for email marketing automation? Set up a trigger in Woopra to reach out to your customers at the right place and time whenever they perform a specific action — all in real-time! For example, you can reward your most loyal customers with a special promotion based on the total number of orders they’ve placed within the last 90 days.

Using Drift or Intercom for chat communication? With Triggers, you can start personalized conversations with visitors to educate them on your products or to assist them with any issues they might be having. For example, you can automatically trigger a personalized chat message, featuring your best-selling products to all users who’ve viewed your beauty and skin-care items.

Finally, check out the power of our retargeting Integrations such as Facebook and Google Ads. Leveraging them, you can display the most relevant ads to your visitors based on the behavioral data that Woopra is collecting.

Learn more about our Integrations.

To get inspiration about what other custom actions you might want to track and what triggers and automations you can set up for your e-Commerce platform, we recommend checking out our What To Track Guide — e-Commerce edition.