Get to know your users with Customer Profiles

Understand your customers from every angle

Woopra builds a comprehensive profile for every single one of your users. Sync your customer data and track all customer activity, not only from your website and mobile app, but also from your other touch points, such as email, help desk, and live chat. All in real-time.


Build dynamic customer segments based on behavior

Leverage your comprehensive data sets to create customer segments with laser precision. As your customers’ behavior changes, your segments update dynamically in real-time.

Make data-driven decisions with Real-time Analytics

Designed for simplicity.
Engineered for flexibility.

Woopra’s analytics are the most customizable you’ve ever seen – but you wouldn’t know it at first glance. Our analytics are designed to adapt to your business and put your most important data front and center, making it simple to find the insight you need.

You can tailor insights further by using Woopra’s deep segmentation or create completely customized reporting.


Improve your conversion rates with Funnel Reports

Pinpoint where users drop off in your conversion process and understand why leads don’t convert.

Easily compare how different segments move through your funnel to identify your best and worst converting types of customers.

Learn more about Funnel Analytics.

Measure user retention to increase customer lifetime value

Retention reports tell you if users continue to do important actions, such as make purchases, use your product, or even open your emails. Finally understand if users are engaged enough with your offerings to keep coming back.

The Live Dashboard: a bespoke snapshot of your key metrics

With a single click, pin any of your reports to the Live Dashboard for a customized overview of your most important data, right at your fingertips.

Take real-time action on real-time data with Automations

Get personal

Leverage your data to trigger automations that create better and more personalized customer experiences. Use one of our many integrations in AppConnect to automate anything from showing a user custom content with our Optimizely app, to prioritizing a support request based on user behavior with our Zendesk app.

Developers Create something truly custom by triggering JavaScript or Webhooks based on customer behavior.

Stay informed

Never miss a hot lead or struggling user when you receive real-time Notifications on important customer activity directly to your mobile phone or desktop. Or, you can even receive Notifications to a Slack channel, Hipchat room, and more, using our AppConnect integrations.


Sync Woopra and all your tools with AppConnect


All in a single place

Beyond mobile and web, your customers engage with you through many different touch points, such as email, chat, help desk, and more. With AppConnect, you can sync Woopra with all these tools and keep this customer data in a single place.

Dozens of integrations. Zero code.

Your options with AppConnect are limitless. Use the Mandrill app to track email opens and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Set selected reports to upload to your Box account on a weekly basis. Or, automatically create and sync leads in Salesforce when a user behaves in a certain way.

All this with just a few clicks and not a single line of code.


A day of setup. A lifetime of insights.

Try Woopra for free. No credit cards. No obligations.