Visualize Every Interaction, Down to the Individual-Level with Customer Profiles

Personalize support and individualize experiences

Woopra’s Customer Profiles sync a full behavioral history for each user in real-time. From the first touch to conversion, every subsequent action and those in-between. Turning every engagement into an opportunity for designing more human customer experiences.


Build dynamic segments based on behavior and attributes

Leverage unified data to create segments of people based on who they are and what they do. As behavior changes, segments automatically update in real-time. Uncover similarities and identify differences with demographics, engagement, historical data and more.

Empower every employee to make data-driven decisions with Analytics Reports

Department agnostic analytics.
For optimizing the total customer experience.

Whatever the question, you’ll find an analytics report with answers. Full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage, subscription growth, cohort analysis and more.

Sync your data and watch as reports are infused with layers of segmentation. Translating numbers into people and opening entirely new views of the who, the what and the how in your data.


Journey Reports reveal obstacles & opportunities at each touchpoint

Map the unique paths users take on the road to conversion. Combine any set of actions, events or goals to understand how customers move across campaigns, through your website, within your application and beyond!

Learn more about Customer Journey Reports.

Measure user retention to increase customer lifetime value

Retention reports tell you if users continue to do important actions, such as make purchases, use your product, or even open your emails. Identify exactly when and where engagement drops and how to keep your best customers coming back.

The Dashboard: a bespoke snapshot of your key metrics

Pin any report to your Dashboard for a customized overview of the metrics that matter most to you. Pull up your dashboard at the next meeting to show a snapshot of trends, engagement, revenue and more! Drill into any report with one-click to reveal the data behind the charts and go from high-level insight to granular analysis in seconds.

Take real-time action on real-time data with Automations

Personalization at scale

Leverage your data to trigger automations for real-time personalization, engagement or task automation. Use one of our many integrations in AppConnect to automate anything from showing custom content, automating enrollment in a drip campaign or prioritizing a support request based on behavior.

Developers Have complete customizability by triggering JavaScript or Webhooks using any combination of user behavior.

Share insights in the moments that matter most.

Never miss a hot lead or struggling user when you receive real-time notifications on important customer activity directly to your email, mobile device or desktop. You can even receive notifications to a Slack channel, Hipchat room, and more, with our integrations.


Seamlessly unify your data with AppConnect


Every action tracked in a single platform.

Beyond mobile and web, customers engage with you through dozens of different channels, such as email, chat, help desk, and more. With AppConnect, sync Woopra with the tools you already use and unite your data to never miss an engaging moment.

Dozens of integrations. Zero code.

Your options with AppConnect are limitless. Use the Mandrill app to track email opens and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Automatically trigger a SendGrid email when users engage with a specific product feature. Or, automatically update a lead in Salesforce when a user becomes qualified.

All with just a few clicks and not a single line of code.


A day of setup. A lifetime of insights.

Try Woopra for free. No credit cards. No obligations.