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Track Every Game Event

Woopra’s SDKs enable you to track both web-based and mobile events within the same instance. You can record every action your users commit, along with the event’s relevant properties, regardless of platform.

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Event tracking gets a whole new meaning with Schema

Schema is a proprietary technology exclusive to Woopra. Schema enables you to define how Woopra processes events and properties. For example, if you track when users make an in-game purchase, Woopra will generate reports on the number of total in-game purchases, the most popular in-game purchases, the revenue generated from in-game purchases, and more. You will also be able to use this event data for segmentation and to trigger actions.

User Retention and Engagement

Woopra’s Retention Reports enable you to measure how long users continue to come back and play your games. The best way to measure this is by setting up your Retention Report to display how long users continue to perform a critical action, such as starting a new challenge.

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Retention Reports can be easily customized to measure very specific behaviors as well. For example, you can create a report that tells you how long users from the United States continue to make in-game purchases over $5.

Funnel Analytics for Gaming

Funnel Analytics can tell you how far users make it in your games. Simply define the important goals, and find out the percent of users who complete each. You can also compare how different user segments move through the Funnel to identify your best and worst performing types of users. For example, you could compare user segments based on country, region, or player level.

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