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More than Event Tracking

Woopra’s SDKs enable you to track app events and attribute properties to them. But, that's not all. With Woopra, you can track events that occur outside of your app by integrating other tools that you use. Try one of our many code-free AppConnect integrations, such as Zendesk and Mandrill, or build your own with our API.

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We take event tracking to the next level with Schema, a proprietary technology exclusive to Woopra. Schema enables you to define how Woopra processes events and properties. The result is an automatically customized analytics experience, from reporting to segmentation filters.

User Retention and Engagement

Measure long-term user engagement with Retention Reports. You can measure how long users continue to perform key actions within your app. For example, a ridesharing app can measure how long users continue to book rides after they add a payment method.

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Optimized Conversion Funnels

Improve conversion rates for in-app purchases by analyzing your Funnel Analytics reports. You can pinpoint where users drop off on the path to conversion and optimize those experiences.

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Discover what may be hindering users

For example, a photo storage app could create a Funnel Report to measure the percentage of users that make it through each step of their onboarding process: signing up, granting access to photos, and sharing their album with friends.

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