Create your own custom metrics and augment your customer journey data in schemas

We’re excited to announce a new and much-anticipated feature: Formulas.

With Formulas, you can now create your own custom metrics and augment your data in schemas. If you’re familiar with spreadsheet formulas, this feature will come as second nature.

Formulas are initially available in Action Schema Properties, Visitor Schema Properties, Trends, and People Reports.

Formulas in Trend Reports

You can now use numeric row-based operations such as multiply, divide, subtract, sum, and more.

Learn more about Formulas in Trends Reports.

​Formulas in People Reports

In addition to numeric operations, in People Reports, you can add string or boolean operations as well such as concatenate, change to upper or lower case, and even Regex matches and more.

Learn more about Formulas in People Reports.

Custom Schema Properties

With custom schema properties, you can use formulas to create your filtered properties that you can use as dimensions in your reports.

For example, you can now group similar campaign sources like ‘facebook, FACEBOOK, face book’ as merely ‘Facebook.’ This functionality will work for any property within an event or for Visitor Properties.

Learn more about Action Schemas and Visitor Schemas.

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