Over a decade ago, we moved to San Francisco with a mission to reinvent how everyone, whether technical or not, can leverage customer data to make informed decisions. We envisioned a product that could tie customer data across every touch point in the user journey.

In 2014, we launched our Customer Journey Analytics platform, integrating with dozens of leading service providers. We then expanded to introduce Data Loader to retroactively import customer data from data warehouses.

Over the years, we continued to refine our analytics and personalization tools to empower individual teams to be completely self sufficient when making data driven decisions, without having to wait in breadlines for answers. Our passion for design and user experience have guided our product roadmap — this has been the defining feature of our company’s DNA since day one.

Today marks the next chapter in Woopra’s journey – we’re joining forces with Appier, a public company that uses AI to power business decision-making. Appier, which currently has more than 600 employees in 17 offices across the globe, is an innovator and leader in leveraging AI for business, and has been recognized as a Top 50 AI company by Fortune Magazine.

Together, Woopra and Appier will bring to market a next-generation AI-powered Customer Data Platform. This CDP will expand on the data Woopra already collects to predict future customer behavior and growth trends. Woopra will also integrate with Appier’s products to become a core piece of a large ecosystem of solutions to cover every customer data need.

Nothing will change for our current customers – our operations will remain as they are. The entire Woopra team will be joining Appier and there will be no interruptions to any Woopra products or services. The one change you can expect in the future is new AI-powered product offerings.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in us and being a part of this journey. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.