Google Analytics, one of the most widely used website analytics tool, offers a free and paid version. The capabilities vary greatly, and we encourage you to read more about the different features. In short, the paid version will run you about $150,000 per year, and the feature set varies significantly between the two plans.

Google Analytics Free Version Constraints

The free version offers basic tracking, which uses sampling and focuses on browser types, devices, or operating systems visiting your pages.

GA does not create individual profiles for users. So creating a report based on user emails is simply not possible. In addition, the free version limits the customization in reports, so you're stuck with several build-in reports that cannot be edited to your needs.

One alternative that also offers a free version is Woopra.

Even with the free plan, Woopra never uses sampled data and focuses on individual user profiles. This means each visitor to your site has their own profile with a complete history of their tracked behavior.

The added ability to send identifying information such as emails to identify users makes it possible to run reports to see who interacts with your site.

Create unlimited custom reports to analyze your users from their first visit from a marketing campaign to feature usages, all the way to becoming a paying customer.

With alternative platforms such as Woopra available in today's analytic landscape, there are far better options than Google Analytics to consider.

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