Bellgram is an intelligent cloud-based business phone system that brings voice conversations into the full suite of digital productivity tools. It boosts productivity by providing an intelligent phone system for your work, packed with powerful features and add-ons.

See how phone communication impacts your company's top line, customer engagement and retention by bringing phone call data into Woopra.

Installing the Woopra and Bellgram integration will automatically begin tracking important phone call events in Woopra including:

  • Calls Made
  • Calls Received
  • Text Messages
  • Transcribed Voicemails

These events will automatically appear on the Woopra Customers Profiles, allowing you to instantly see if a customer has engaged with you via phone, who they spoke to, notes regarding the call and more! You can leverage this data throughout Woopra's reporting and analytics to measure the impact phone conversations have on essential business metrics.

Learn More: Introducing Bellgram in Woopra

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