Mandrill, a transactional email platform built by MailChimp, is a powerful delivery service that can be used for personalized, one-to-one eCommerce emails and transactional emails such as password resets, order confirmations and welcome messages.

Analyze email lifecycle events in real-time across individual-profiles and Analytics reports in Woopra. Leverage Woopra's unified data to fuel Mandrill campaigns with behavioral data for personalization and segmentation.

The Mandrill and Woopra integration empowers you to:

  • Track email events generated by Mandrill in real-time, such as emails sent, opened, clicked and so on.
  • Measure the impact of Mandrill campaigns on every touchpoint in the customer journey in Journey reports, analyze campaign success with Trends, see the exact people engaging with campaigns and optimize for effectiveness.

For example, an online electronics retailer might use this integration to measure the real-time sales performance of a holiday promotion for televisions sent by email.

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