Optimizely is experience optimization platform enabling A/B and multivariate testing for users to enhance their websites and mobile apps.

Create highly relevant, personalized experiences with the Optimizely and Woopra integration

The Woopra and Optimizely integration empowers you to:

  • Create custom segments in Optimizely by syncing your Woopra Segments with Optimizely Audiences in real-time.
  • Add Woopra's labels to an Optimizely Audience list, allowing more detailed definitions of Audiences to create even more relevant and personalized experiences.

For example, an online retailer could display a personalized, “10% off handbags,” promotion to a visitor who viewed at least seven handbag products in the last day and has previously spent more than $1,000. Similarly, the online retailer could personalize content on the homepage based on a user's behavior, engagement or other unique criteria.

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