Ringostat is an intelligent call tracking, call monitoring and virtual PBX software that helps businesses of all sizes to reduce their customer acquisition cost (CAC). The software enables businesses to identify where customer calls are coming from, use their advertising budget accordingly, and enhance the performance of call agents.

Track and analyze phone communication and how it impacts your company's performance with the Woopra and Ringostat integration.

The Woopra+ Ringostat Integration empowers you to:

  • Automatically configure action data schemas in Woopra and build call data within Customer Profiles instantly.
  • Push call event data from Ringostat to Woopra such as call started, call ended and more!
  • Create customized reports in Woopra with call tracking data and track the call activity of each user in their Customer Profiles.
  • Pin call reports to the Woopra dashboard.

Telephone Call Reports

Learn More: http://blog.ringostat.com/en/meet-a-new-ringostat-amp-woopra-integration/

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