Segment is one place to collect customer data and send it to your tools for analytics, marketing automation and raw data access with SQL

Take the pain out of data integration and help every employee make data-driven decisions with the Woopra + Segment integration

Segment is a data collection tool that allows you to decouple your tracking implementation. Leveraging Segment's APIs, users can track actions across channels with a single tracking strategy and framework. Then, automatically send that tracking data to Woopra for instant insights and actionability. Without Segment, Woopra users can leverage the Woopra tracking code and one-click integrations within AppConnect to connect data from their mobile, web, social, support, CRM, email tools and more! But, existing Segment customers can take the fast track to analyzing their customer data with the Woopra + Segment integration.

When combined the two solutions can do incredible things:

  • Automatically send all tracking data to Woopra from Segment
  • Instantly access Woopra’s analytics, reporting and metrics for every data source being sent from Segment
  • Replay missed events and access extra error logging within the Segment platform

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