Sonar is the best way to talk to customers on mobile messaging platforms. Sonar lets companies have conversations with users through text messages (SMS & MMS) and Facebook Messenger.

Reach users at the right time and place with personalized mobile messaging using the Woopra and Sonar integration

The Sonar and Woopra integration allows you to:

  • Send SMS, MMS and Facebook messages to users and track, in real-time, when messages between you and your customers are sent and received.

  • For text messaging, Sonar manages deliverability for you, so you never have to worry about purchasing phone numbers.

  • Offer support, address funnel abandonment, send status updates, personalize marketing messages & images and measure satisfaction through surveys with incredible response rates.

For example, an eCommerce company could use Sonar to improve funnel abandonment by texting or Facebook messaging discount codes to customers who put something in their cart but never purchased.

An On-demand company could push text notifications when their delivery is on the way or even manage a fleet of workers who are never on their computers but always on their phones.

Any company can get measurements of Net Promotor Score or Customer Satisfaction by sending short text messages that receive higher response rates.

A day of setup. A lifetime of insights.

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