Meet the Woopra Team in Las Vegas June 26-27, 2008

Woopra News - June 18th, 2008 by .

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Layered Technologies LT Pact 2008Join the team in Las Vegas June 26-27, 2008, for the 2008 Layered Technologies PACT Conference at the famous Caesars Palace Resort.

Jad Younan and Elie Khoury, the co-founders and lead developers of Woopra, are flying in from Lebanon for this special event, and this is your chance to meet them and discuss how Woopra works and where it is going.

The two-day event is free, but registration is required.

This event is a rare opportunity to meet and learn from these industry leaders on how to increase your web revenue with better business practices and technology. It’s a chance to learn about the latest in new technology and where the web is going, not just where it’s been. Topics include SEO, industry trends, virtualization trends and technology, site optimization, web hosting, cloud/grid hosting technology, online storage technology, intellectual property, email and mailing list management and business practices, site automation, business of blogging, security vulnerabilities and threats, backups, and more.

There will also be a lot of fun and social interaction, and a lot of food. Among the fun is the LT PACT Poker Tournament hosted by Master of Ceremonies Robert W. Thompson II of NBC’s BravoTV Celebrity Poker Showdown with a total purse of USD $5,000.

The list of speakers is a veritable whose who of leading technology and hosting experts including the top brass from Layered Technologies, representing some amazing innovators and passionate technical geeks, and other top notch experts on a variety of subjects beyond web hosting and servers including:

  • , Layered Technologies, and Woopra
  • James Staten, Principal Analyst of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Forrester Research, a leading expert on x86 servers and infrastructure and trends
  • of and
  • Barry Abrahamson, the server guru of Automattic and
  • Andrew Skale, Attorney, Mintz-Levin and expert in patent, trademark, copyright litigation, and entertainment law
  • Chris Samson, the Senior Hosting Technology Specialist from CSNA and Microsoft
  • Deven Kampenhout, Web Platform Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, Tim Johnson, Senior Manager of Channel Market Development, Global Marketing, at Seagate
  • Jonah Stein, blogger of It’s The ROI
  • Jimmy Guerrero, the Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Database Group of Sun Microsystems coordinating MySQL’s Web 2.0 and SaaS marketing programs, Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy Officer of Eloqua, an expert in security, legal, privacy, and public relations issues
  • Barry Lynn, the Chairman and CEO of 3Tera, expert on data center innovations
  • Andy Schroepfer, the Founder and Hosting Visionary of Tier 1 Research, an expert in the hosting industry
  • Lorelle VanFossen, speaker, blogger and author of , the , , Woopra, and author of Blogging Tips, What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Come meet the Woopra team at 2008 Layered Technologies PACT Conference!

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