Announcing Woopra’s New Webcam Enablement Feature

Woopra News - March 31st, 2009 by .

I wanted to take a moment to share our latest press announcement with you guys. The entire Woopra team has been hard at work building this exciting new feature for months. Finally, all that hard work has paid off and as we ready the next release of Woopra we wanted to give you a sneak peak at things to come.

Woopra to Launch World’s First Webcam Spy Feature for Web Sites

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Woopra, the world’s fastest growing Web Analytics provider, today announced that the next version of its wildly popular real-time Website monitoring application will allow users to remotely activate and view Website visitor’s built-in Webcams.

The company’s chief scientist, Dr. Lirpa Sloof, said, “Woopra already provides the most robust, feature rich and easy to use Web analytics available. Today we extend our market lead by integrating our latest patent-pending technology to give Webmasters more information about their visitors than ever before.”

Combined with Woopra’s unique abilities to display individual Web site visitors in real time and track them by name, this new technology levels the playing field by enabling companies and individuals alike to gain unprecedented visibility into user demographics and preferences.

According to John P., iFusion Labs CEO, “Governments have been using this technology for over a decade. What we’ve done is simply made it available to the general public.”

The new feature is due to be released in the next version of the Woopra desktop application. For more information or to sign up for a free account, visit

Since it can be difficult to imagine what this new feature can do, I put together a short demonstration video. On behalf of the entire team, we hope that you guys enjoy the new functionality!

Note: For those who want the real story behind this, check out this note from the Woopra CEO. :D You can also follow John P. on Twitter to get all the latest updates straight from the source!

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