How Do You Use Real-Time Analytical Information?

Using Woopra - September 10th, 2009 by .

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numbers and chartsAs one of the first to offer affordable (currently free) live real-time stats and analytics, we are constantly asked if having real-time data is important. We thought we’d ask others to help us answer that question.

Care to join in with your thoughts on why real-time analytics matter?

Does Real-Time Analytics Matter?

In “The Case For Real-Time Analytics with Woopra” by V. Scott Ellis, he offers great examples of how to take advantage of Woopra’s real-time analytics to change your business strategies.

At an individual level we could watch people page by page as they navigated through the site, with information on where they came from, what search terms brought them there and we even had the ability to start a conversation with that person on the spot. But it wasn’t long after the initial joyous shock of feeling like you were looking at the bridge of a nuclear submarine before people started asking “what do I do with all that real-time information.”

We wanted to know, too. Recently I asked on the Twitter account why real-time analytics matter and and got some interesting feedback on how people use the real-time stats.

planetMitch Good golly planet5D is rocking-thanks to @woopra I know that there are 55 people reading pages on my blog RIGHT NOW – no waiting for google!

eyetracking Just had a potential new customer on the phone, Woopra instantly shows me the 38 pages on our website they read before calling.

brad_parler I really love watching my live stats in Woopra – just after I make a new post… ^~~^ Watching pings on the map is so fun.

brad_parler @mvarroyo I have 3 people on it now – watching traffic in woopra.

tchachra @woopra – you guys help me focus on the content I should produce. Google Analytics soon to be removed. Realtime rocks!

xtello @Woopra It makes you feel in TOTAL CONTROL! (Is addictive, I have to say…)

planetMitch I’m not sure planet5D would be as popular if I didn’t have @Woopra to watch how people use the site LIVE (instead of static data tomorrow)

stevedossett @woopra Because stalking your site’s visitors in real life is illegal.

Slepi @woopra Stop wondering who is accessing ur site, u are now able to know that *in details and real time*. Google Analytic looks obsolete now!

TouchReviews @Woopra Real time stats are great to understand upcoming trends. Helps to track user interest during different hours etc. :) #realtime

socialmediabham @Woopra RTS would be great to measure your ROI from attending conferences, such as #soso or #nmat

sepsisgr I have an iPhone related site. Woopra allows me to see what are people googling to find my site, thus improving my overall work.

Touch_Reviews Visitor from Glossop, UK Browser: Opera 9, Windows XP Screen 1024×768 Has read 42 reviews on Touch Reviews on his/her 1st visit @woopra

ImpulsiveHearts @JeannieLin Won’t mention Woopra then. Oops. DH uses it, and it shows users bouncing in and out in real-time on a global map. Neat 2 watch.

smcguinness@Woopra using Woopra to track my initial launch of @twtseat. Its fun watching people in real-time.

ireckon another thing i love about @woopra – live view of outgoing links from sites.

heatmaptheme Absolutely loving Woopra stats at the moment…feel like I can almost touch my site visitors…WAIT… I can! sorta with chat!

calweb thanks @ChadNorman for the mention of #woopra – playing with it now and it’s pretty cool (realtime stats)!

techburgh I love watching Woopra and seeing site analytics and activity as they happen! it’s better than TV for me (which is kinda sad)

TouchReviews This reader from Hungary has already visited 10 pages on Touch Reviews! Fun to see him/her navigating @woopra

robferrer Thanks to @Woopra I know there is a guy in Saudi Arabia looking at photos from our wedding!

jonathanwthomas Watching woopra go crazy as I get an avalanche of traffic from Stumbleupon!

dbferguson @Woopra Trending topics and social media links (reddit, stumble) are easy to find if you watch searches on your site w/ Woopra.

AteljeDigital @Woopra Woopra does what other tools does. But the statistics are way better shown, and its LIVE. Better then TV :-) Keep up the good work!

SLCAspirations Live website analytics beta from Woopra. This is helping me in my SEO work with 2 of my clients.

ireckon i know i should go to bed, but watching woopra on the @tweeterview site is going OFF.. kind of glued to it :P i dig woopra

stedaniels Using Woopra to monitor clearing activity on Edge Hill Uni’s website – sexy stats!

eyetracking @JoannaButler woopra is bootiful. Huge insights. Very addictive.

simonbarker @JoannaButler I’m shocked you’re not already using @woopra – it’s far too easy to lose time watching those real-time stats! :)

JoannaButler @simonbarker Ok wow I see what you mean! @Woopra – your real time stats are addictive! I love them!

JonDBishop @unmarketing While I love WordPress stats, Woopra has been kicking it’s ass with it’s real time stats.

HaDAk My site has 5 concurrent visitors right now. Know how I know? @woopra told me. ;)

Ctrentmarketing Why is real-time important? You can always look at sometime like Woopra to augment analytics collection.

Marcel_Perform Why is @Woopra awesome: I can track visitors to my sites in real time. It’s like having a store instead of an advert.

michokest is awesome. It’s like Google Analytics in real time, and allows easy individual actions tracking, rather than statistics.

rinsights Running #Woopra on website. Awesome real time web-analytics tool. In Google Analytics I have to wait 24hrs to see results.

FWGMills @woopra My site isn’t well known but I just saw my first live hit with Woopra on my site. Referred by and hit my funfiles. AWESOME!

nodch @Woopra …it is like watching TV. There is nothing like it out there. I just love it!

We love the television analogies.

Many use it to respond immediately to an action, event, or information, such as these Woopra members report:

CaliLewis @KatFrench More than 140 characters will allow me. :) Because it’s live, Woopra’s taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Deizu: There are a lot of Aussies searching “bunkasai” and landing on my site today, according to #Woopra. I’ll be dropping a video tomorrow!

steveorrell If one of the values of woopra is to fine-tune your site per search term, how to respond to “dominatrix” finding a #climbing club site???

codecoaster Playing mafia wars on FB – I’ll call it research – Free $25 FB ads voucher ran out – no more 8 visits a day for $5 T.T – Woopra rocks!

herdboy Tracking Human #spammer live with #woopra, played with him a while by published #edited comments and then hit him with a chat request.

We were tickled to see the response of techies analyzing their user base by browser preference, especially connecting the type of browser with the country of visitor origins. Some were stunned by what they found.

ForrestTanaka When Woopra says someone’s visiting the site with something other than IE6 or IE7, I do a happy jig! IE6 visits are low, but IE7 is high.

techruminations Woopra tells me I have visitors running Firefox 1 and Win95. Seriously? That’s prehistoric :-)

techruminations @Woopra Thanks! The Win95 and Firefox 1 users are from US. WTF? Techno-luddites in the US? Not surprised LOL

chrishajer Using @woopra, just noticed someone viewing one of my sites with IE6 on W2K. Then I noticed it was from inside my building! #horrormovie

For others, the real-time stats told them a different story about their websites and blogs. Sometimes, it isn’t about the numbers but about any number. Just seeing a visitor, or not, brings joy.

m0rph @Woopra It helps me realise how little visits my site gets…. instantaneously! haha

jona0497 Woopra makes you realize how few readers your blog actually has :P

pcsbox @Blogsdna Woopra. Stats are good till yesterday and today they are making me cry.

What was surprising is the response when Woopra, still in beta development, goes offline for server updates or maintenance, or the recent server crash.

topicm @Woopra works again…got scared for a second that I would have to only rely on Google Analytics ;)

How Businesses Can Use Real-Time Analytics in the Real World

These are all great examples, stuffed into short tweets, on how people are making use of their real-time analytics with Woopra, but what about serious businesses? Can they benefit from real-time stats?

Scott’s article offered examples of how he uses Woopra and how real-time stats help him and his business, such as the impact of the live map and geographic information.

As we sent out on the initial launch (which included some paid traffic strategies) we quickly realized that much of the attention we were getting came not from within the geography we were targeting but from the suburban areas around Dallas.

More specifically, we found that people with the greatest interest in something new in and about Uptown were not the people that already lived there but those who come here to work and play but aren’t quite as “in the loop” since they live in outlying areas.

With real-time observations, they could quickly react to this unanticipated information, serving the needs of those specific visitors as well as aiming advertising campaigns at them.

Similarly, their ability test different traffic and marketing strategies in a very short time – immediately – not waiting around for analytics reports, they could track the effectiveness and make changes in the now, not the later, especially when it comes to customer service.

Watching pages (or searches) which get large amounts of data can also tell you whether or not specific information is being sought on your site possibly indicating a support issue which may need to be addressed.

The other two examples Scott offers as benefits of monitoring real-time stats are the ability to respond to time-sensitive situations and news and managing risk on your site by improving response times to high spikes in traffic, failures with files, pages, and links, and the ability to monitor the data to act quickly if there are any issues with the site.

How Do You Use Real-Time Stats and Analytics?

These are just a few of the many ways real-time stats can help you make decisions and take action on your site. Bet you have a few you’d like to add, and we’d love to hear them.

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